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How much does a garage floor coating cost?

Learn the factors that go into determining how much a garage floor coating costs.

"What does a garage floor coating cost?"

One of the most significant considerations when installing a garage floor coating is cost. While we wish we could give you a concrete number here and now, the truth is that every garage floor coating project is different, and multiple factors go into determining the final cost. Use the links below to learn more about these factors, or contact us today to schedule a free in-home polyaspartic floor coating installation estimate tailored to your home and needs.

Factors That Affect Your Price

  • Size of your garage
  • Condition of your garage floor
  • Moisture level in the concrete
  • Options like coating the stairs, foundation walls or the exterior apron
  • Installation method — even the highest quality coatings will not perform long if
    applied by less skilled installers or with corners cut to save money

"So what are my options?"

There are many different types of floor coatings to choose between, from DIY options to epoxy and more. But when it comes to a floor coating that offers superior looks and performance, you can't beat Hello Garage's polyaspartic coating. Learn about the different options and what sets polyaspartic apart below.


DIY Coatings from a Big-Box Store

  • Almost always epoxy-based
  • Epoxies are larger molecules that do not sink into the concrete
  • Intended for a very short-term "spruce up" or to prepare a home for sale
  • DIY preparation of the concrete won't be possible without an industrial grinder — leaving the product sitting on top of the concrete.
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Professional Epoxy

  • Large molecule that sits on top of the surface
  • Very hard, but very brittle — microscopic cracks develop easily
  • No UV resistance — yellows and fades with time
  • Easier to install than other options
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  • Smaller molecule, but minimal penetration into concrete surface
  • Very flexible when new
  • Highly susceptible to UV damage and becomes brittle when exposed to UV rays
  • Professional installation required
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Hello Garage Polyaspartic

  • Small molecule with excellent surface penetration and adhesion
  • Moderately flexible, resistant to cracking
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Professional installation required

Common Garage Floor Coating Problems

Peeling from Poor Adhesion

Peeling From Poor Adhesion

Cracking from a Lack of Flexibility

Cracking From a Lack of Flexibility

Yellowing from UV Damage

Yellowing From UV Damage

4 Details That Matter Most

1. Bonding Strength

A concrete floor is porous, like a giant sponge. Floor coatings made up of larger molecules like epoxies don't soak in; they sit on top. Hot tires parked in the same spot day after day can cause these coatings to de-bond. Coatings like ours are made up of smaller molecules that really soak in, so they stick better and last longer.

2. Flexibility

Floor coatings that are too hard and brittle will crack as the slab expands and contracts or when heavy items are dropped on it. These cracks allow moisture underneath the coating. As that moisture evaporates out, it can cause the coating to de-bond.

3. UV Stability

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can be damaging to many materials, including fabric, wood and concrete coatings. Most floor coatings are not UV resistant and will yellow over time. UV rays will also cause unprotected coatings to break down and become brittle (see flexibility issues above).

A 100% polyaspartic floor coating is UV-resistant and won't yellow over time.

4. Installation Expertise

Proper preparation of the surface is the most important step in applying a concrete floor coating. If surface grinding is not done correctly, the coating will eventually peel. And if cracks, pitting and flaking are not repaired correctly before applying the coating, imperfections will show through.

Even the highest quality coatings, if applied by less skilled installers or with corners cut to save cost, will not perform long-term. A 100% polyaspartic floor coating requires expert installation by an experienced team.

"Ok, but I want a specific price for my garage."

Great! That's what your local Garage Guru can help answer for you. Schedule a free quote online or give us a shout at 1-877-494-5773 to get started.

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